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Europeans drawn from three 'tribes'
Most present-day Europeans are a mixture of three ancient populations, according to a major study published in the journal Nature.

Chin strap turns chewing into power
Engineers build a chin strap that harnesses the energy produced by jaw movements, and could one day power hearing aids or bluetooth earpieces.

Better mobility key for clean cities
Effective urban transit systems can encourage people out of their cars and provide a cost-effective way to tackle climate change, a report suggests.

Nasa picks astronaut ship designs
The US space agency picks the companies it hopes can take the country's astronauts back into space - a capability lost when the shuttles retired in 2011.

Richard III death injuries revealed
King Richard III was probably killed by two blows to the head during a "sustained attack", according to new research.

The Ecologist

British Museum - is BP driving your heavy-handed approach?
Amid ongoing creative protests over BP's sponsorship of the British Museum, Danny Chivers wants to know - why the harsh security tactics? Why the searches, exclusions and arrests, all for a paltry...

A Yes vote in Scotland could finish Trident
If the Scots vote yes on Thursday the UK's already tight military budget will be squeezed even harder, writes Paul Ingram, dramatically increasing the chances of nuclear disarmament. Adding to the...

Climate March and Summit: world leaders' 'flimsy pledges' denounced
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will join the Peoples' Climate March on Sunday - but will leaders at the UN Climate Summit on Tuesday be listening? Probably not, but all the more reason...

The BBC, Friends of the Earth and nuclear power
At first it looked like a journalistic coup, writes Neil Crumpton - the BBC's 'scoop' that FOE was no longer opposed to nuclear power. Except that FOE remains firmly anti-nuclear as it has been...

EU leads diplomatic protest against Iceland's whaling
As the IWC meeting begins today in Slovenia, the EU, its 28 member states and the United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico and Monaco, have expressed their opposition to...

World Resources Institute

STATEMENT: WRI Responds to New Climate Economy Report

NEW YORK//WASHINGTON (September 16, 2014)—The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate launched a new report, Better...

RELEASE: Economic Growth and Action on Climate Change Can Now Be Achieved Together, Finds Global Commission

New report aims to drive action by world leaders, business executives...

ADVISORY: Press Call with COP20 President and International Dignitaries on Ingredients for Success at the UN Climate Summit

WASHINGTON- As heads of state, business leaders and...

ADVISORY: WRI Experts Explain What to Expect at the UN Climate Summit

Note corrected time: 9:30 a.m. ET//1:30 p.m. GMT

WASHINGTON— Senior representatives from the World...

ADVISORY: Global Launch of Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report

Editor's Note: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be participating in the event and...

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