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Mystery of dazzling supernova solved
An exceptionally bright supernova that baffled scientists has been explained - its light is amplified by another galaxy acting as a "lens".

Blood 'is not from headless king'
An elaborately decorated gourd thought to contain the blood of French King Louis XVI may not be authentic, scientists say.

UK team to shoot for fusion record
The director of a UK science facility says it could set a new world record in nuclear fusion by the end of the decade.

Human skin grown in laboratory
Skin grown in the laboratory could replace animals in drug and cosmetics testing, according to UK scientists.

Mystery of 'ocean quacks' solved
The mystery of a bizarre quacking sound often heard in the Southern Ocean has finally been solved, scientists report.

The Ecologist

Texas court awards family $3 million for fracking health damage
In 2011 Bob and Lisa Parr filed a lawsuit in the Texas courts against Aruba Petroleum after they suffered health damage which they attributed to pollution from fracking wells. They have now been...

Should we cull our badgers to save our hedgehogs?
New scientific research shows that culling badgers can increase local hedgehog numbers. As UK hedgehog populations continue to decline, Hugh Warwick asks - are badgers to blame? Or does the real...

WWF: UK oil company must quit Virunga Park
Following the shooting of Virunga's chief warden last week, WWF is calling on UK oil company Soco International PLC to pull out of the Park and respond to allegations made in a new documentary...

Japan must stop financing coal
Japan is the world's biggest financier of coal development, setting developing countries on a dirty, coal fired energy track. As President Obama visits Japan, Nicole Ghio urges Prime Minister...

Large dams are uneconomic
A study of 245 large dams carried out at Oxford University shows that big hydropower is uneconomic. Actual costs are typically double pre-construction estimates - and have not improved over 70...

World Resources Institute

The Real Story Behind Falling Renewable Energy Investments

Investors worldwide spent less on renewable energy and related technologies—such as smart meters, electric vehicles, and storage—last year than in previous years. Global investments in...

Unlocking Private Climate Investment: Two Lessons from OPIC and Ex-Im Bank

This blog post was originally published by OPIC.

Overcoming the climate change challenge won't come cheap. A World Economic Forum report released last year, for example, estimates that the...

Striking the Balance

Global growth has not come without costs: Pollution, natural resource depletion, climate change, and the disruption of ecosystem services are now felt around the world.

This report aims at...

Florida's Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise Attracts Congressional Attention

As communities across the United States continue to fall victim to drought, coastal flooding, and other impacts of extreme weather and climate change, leaders at the local and federal levels are...

Corporate Lobbying on Climate Change: Silence is not Neutrality

Questions are rising about how companies should lobby on environmental issues, and the ways in which their lobbying is reported. In the US, for example, companies must disclose the subject of...

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