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Cave yields Neanderthal 'artwork'
An engraving found at a cave in Gibraltar may be the most compelling evidence yet for Neanderthal art.

African food security on the menu
African ministers and business leaders gather in Ethiopia to consider ways to trigger a green revolution and improve the continent's food security.

How corals stir up their world
Corals stir up the water, creating vortices that draw in nutrients and drive away waste, research reveals.

Xenon and argon banned for athletes
Doping experts have yet to find an effective test to uncover athletes using the gases xenon and argon to boost performance, as a ban is introduced.

Antarctic waters 'rising faster'
Melting ice is fuelling sea-level rise around the coast of Antarctica, a new report finds.

The Ecologist

Danish Navy helps Faroe Islanders kill 33 pilot whales
The Danish Navy has just supported the annual 'grind' cetacean slaughter on the Faroe Islands, seizing three boats used by Sea Shepherd to obstruct the hunt, and detaining their crew. The move...

Liberation is our birthright! Palestine stands with Ferguson
Blacks, Indigenous peoples and Palestinians are all engaged in a single struggle against a racist empire that systematically robs, colonises, impoverishes, terrorises, enslaves, imprisons,...

We must protect our seas!
Lewis Pugh has completed long-distance swims in the 'seven seas' to promote his dream of a peaceful world of well-managed Marine Protected Areas, abundant oceans teeming with fish, turtles,...

Scotland's double first: tidal array and twin-bladed offshore wind turbines
Two innovative renewable energy projects are moving forward in Scotland: Britain's first tidal power array, and the world's first deployment of two-bladed wind offshore turbines. The experimental...

Fracked off - natural gas victims flee Colorado's toxic air
Natural gas is widely touted as a 'green fuel'. But as Paul Thacker found in Colorado, fracking's national 'ground zero', it's anything but. Lives and health are being ruined by pollution from...

World Resources Institute

Global Shale Gas Development: Water Availability & Business Risks

This report analyzes water availability across all potentially commercial shale resources worldwide.

It also reveals that water availability could limit shale resource development on every...

RELEASE: New Analysis Finds 38% of World's Shale Resources Face Water Stress

Water availability could potentially limit shale resource development on six continents


40 Percent of Countries with Largest Shale Energy Resources Face Water Stress

Right now, dozens of countries around the world are deciding whether or not to develop their shale gas and tight oil resources (tight oil deposits are trapped in fine-grained sedimentary rock,...

RELEASE: Unilever and WRI Announce Partnership to Increase Transparency of Key Commodity Supply Chains to Help End Tropical Deforestation

London//Washington (September 1,...

ADVISORY: Press Call: How Water Risk Affects Global Shale Development

STOCKHOLM//WASHINGTON—Experts from the World Resources Institute (WRI), Apache Corporation, and Natural...

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