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African solar plan to power UK homes
Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa.

Europe 'will fail to protect climate'
IPCC expert says EU's plan consigns future leaders to 'extraordinary and unprecedented' CO2 cuts.

Comet Siding Spring skims past Mars
A recently discovered comet known as Siding Spring passes Mars, giving scientists a unique chance to study the object.

UK city planning advice for China
UK planning experts are to advise Chinese mayors on the benefits of building environmentally friendly cities.

Mysterious US space plane returns
An unmanned US military plane on a secretive two-year mission in space has returned to Earth in California.

The Ecologist

To hit fossil fuel firms where it hurts, support divestment!
Fossil fuel companies are a risky investment thanks to the 2.8 trillion tonnes of 'unburnable' carbon in their reserves, writes Franklin Ginn. But there's an even stronger reason to support fossil...

London's 'Tarpaulin Revolution' lives another day
Last night the police were in full force in London's Parliament Square, writes Donnachadh McCarthy - forcibly removing Occupy Democracy protestors and snatching sleeping bags, cardboard and...

Less freedom in Westminster's Parliament Square than in Hong Kong!!
Donnachadh McCarthy went to Parliament Square yesterday to address a peaceful rally about the failings of British democracy. The intimidatory, violent and inflammatory police reaction only...

NASA confirms US's 2,500-square-mile methane cloud
Floating over the US Southwest is a cloud of methane the size of Delaware, writes Mike G - reflecting the release of almost 600,000 tonnes of the powerful greenhouse gas every year. Its origins?...

Climate 'uncertainty' is no excuse for climate inaction
Scientific uncertainties over future climate are widely used by 'sceptics' to justify a policy of no response, write Richard Pancost & Stephan Lewandowsky. But this reflects a deep...

World Resources Institute

WRI dá as boas vindas a Aniruddha Dasgupta como primeiro Diretor Global para o WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

O World Resources Institute (WRI) está feliz em receber...

A New Climate Economy: Shifting Corporate America onto a Low-Carbon Path

As more businesses take action on climate change, new research could help accelerate the trend by showing why it's in U.S. companies' economic best interests.

WRI launched its study, Seeing Is...

Reducing Food Loss and Waste: An Overlooked Strategy for Creating a Sustainable Food System

Today is World Food Day, an annual commemoration of the creation of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It's not just an acknowledgment of the beginning of this important institution,...

RELEASE: WRI Welcomes Aniruddha Dasgupta as First Global Director for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Washington, DC (October 15, 2014)— The World Resources Institute...

3 Maps Show Importance of Local Communities in Forest Conservation

Local communities are key to protecting the world's last remaining forests. Indigenous peoples and local communities hold legal or official rights to one-eighth of the world's forests, about 513...

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