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Row over 'bonkers' EU energy plan
EU commissioners meet today to agree an energy savings target for 2030 amid serious disagreement about how ambitious it should be.

Beef's greater environment burden
A new study says the production of beef is around 10 times more damaging to the environment than any other form of livestock.

Three person IVF plans 'progress'
A public review into the three person IVF technique has been broadly supportive, says the Department of Health.

Kepler sees world with distant orbit
The Kepler Space Telescope has spotted a distant world with the longest year of any planet in the mission's inventory.

Seals 'feed' at offshore wind farms
Some seals prefer to forage for food at offshore wind farms, UK study suggests.

The Ecologist

Germany and UK top EU's 'Dirty 30' pollution league
A new report names the 30 biggest sources of greenhouse gases in the EU, writes Kieran Cooke. Coal-fired power plants are undermining Europe's long-term targets on emissions reductions - and the...

The true cost of your beefburger is much worse than you know
US beef carries a heavy environmental cost in water, land, emissions. But few of us know quite how damaging beef is, writes Gidon Eshel, nor that it is more than five times worse than pork,...

Fracking Britain: without debate, the Government imposes its 'right to rule'
The UK Government's policy is to frack at all costs, against public opinion and compelling evidence of environmental damage and poor returns, writes Paul Mobbs - a timely reminder that as far as...

Badger Trust's High Court cull challenge
The Badger Trust will challenge the trial badger culls in the High Court next month, claiming that Environment Secretary Liz Truss and Natural England are acting unlawfully in failing to appoint...

Gaza should be the Kuwait of the Levant - but its gas brings only war and poverty
Operation Protective Edge is the war of a colonial state dedicated to expanding its theft of Palestine's natural resources, writes Tascha Shahriari-Parsa - incarcerating and bombing its people in...

World Resources Institute

RELEASE: Pemerintah Republik Indonesia dan Global Forest Watch Bekerjasama Luncurkan Sistem Mutakhir untuk Mitigasi Kebakaran Hutan, Lahan dan Kabut Asap

Platform dan Kemitraan Baru...

RELEASE: Indonesia's Government and Global Forest Watch join forces to launch powerful new system to combat fires and haze

New Global Forest Watch-Fires platform and partnership to...

High-Resolution Satellites Help Monitor and Respond to Fires in Southeast Asia

One of the most devastating threats to the environment, economy, and human health in Indonesia comes in the form of fire. Forest and bush fires, illegal and often associated with agricultural...

Closing the "Food Gap" Means Renewing the Global Commitment to Crop Breeding

This post is the ninth installment of WRI's blog series, 'Creating a Sustainable Food Future.' The series explores strategies to sustainably feed 9 billion people by 2050. All pieces are based on...

Crop Breeding: Renewing the Global Commitment

Installment 7 of Creating a Sustainable Food Future explores improvements in crop breeding that have the potential to boost yields, including marker-assisted breeding, genomics-assisted breeding,...

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