Environmental news

The Ecologist

  • Small is Beautiful but Big Matters Too
  • Neil Young at London 02 Arena - Cry for the Earth
  • Cornish community carries on fighting a 'Super Quarry' development in Marine Conservation Zone
  • Leaked official report: EU Nature Directives are 'fit for purpose'
  • Change The System - Not The Climate

World Resources Institute

  • Opportunities To Enhance Non-Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas Mitigation In China
  • Beneath the Caribbean Sea, a Wastewater Problem Lurks Unnoticed
  • Baseline Water Stress: China
  • 4 Lessons on Scaling Up Sustainable Transport in US and Chinese Cities
  • RELEASE: WRI Selects Paula Caballero to Lead Climate Program

The Guardian

  • Climate change is bad for your kidneys
  • China's plan to cut meat consumption by 50% cheered by climate campaigners
  • Great Barrier Reef: tourists will go elsewhere if bleaching continues – poll
  • German prosecutors investigate ex-VW chief over emissions scandal
  • New methods are improving ocean and climate measurements | John Abraham

BBC Science and Environment

  • New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'
  • How early mammals evolved night vision to escape dinos
  • Project re-ignited
  • China builds world's most powerful computer
  • Solar Impulse sets off on 90-hour Atlantic crossing