Corporate Carbon Conversations

Is the future worth a conversation?

What is Carbon Conversations?

A unique series of workshops that root sustainability deeply in the values of your organisation. Trained facilitators will work with your staff to understand your current organisational impact, reflect on the way forward to reduce it and generate a clear action plan.

Corporate Carbon Conversations is designed to foster a deep engagement with climate change issues and offers a detailed action plan for employees to reduce business CO2. The groups provide a space that enable participants to connect, explore and take action against climate change- both personally and in a professional context. Based on a psychological understanding of barriers to change, the groups address the key areas of an individual carbon footprint in a supportive and non-judgemental fashion before moving on to carbon issues in the organisation.


Carbon conversations have been highly effective in stimulating the kind of personal and cultural changes that workplaces need if they are serious about dealing with climate change. It will:

  • Empower staff to make real contributions to the future of your business
  • Generate an action plan to ensures that resolutions are enacted
  • Engage your workforce
  • Prepare your business for the future
  • Support your CSR objectives

How does it work?

We will come to your workplace and work with a group of up to 8 people. The six two-hour sessions provide time for discussion, understanding, acceptance, laughter and practical plans.

We can

  • Tailor Carbon Conversations to your organisation and its needs
  • Combine Carbon Conversations with other sustainability consultancy and advice
  • Train an in-house team to cascade the method through your organisation

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The Carbon Conversations programme is managed by The Surefoot Effect.

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