Planet projects

Our ‘planet projects’ are available for all members of the community. The aim with these projects is to encourage the growth of a woodland culture in Scotland and to support people in learning about (and believing in) ways that we can all migrate towards greener lifestyles. Believing that it is important, and believing that we can do it.

We deliver regular re-skilling workshops, where you can learn a range of new skills – from how to craft a wooden stool or spoon to the skills you will need to manage your own orchard.

My Carbon Journey is a carbon reduction project designed to create a shift in attitudes, values and behaviours. It delivers engaging activities that increase our personal connection with climate change and help us turn beliefs into lifestyle changes and action.

We also offer Woodland Weekends, which are all about managing woodlands sustainably for the benefit of biodiversity, while also generating the amazing timber we use in our re-skilling workshops. All are welcome to escape from city life and discover unexplored corners of Scotland. Activities include woodland pruning and thinning, cutting and burning invasive vegetation and creating footpaths. And what better way to end the day roasting marshmallows with a warm cuppa by the fire, surrounded by good company?

Our Community Wood-fuel Days take place in some of Edinburgh’s Millennium woodlands and give local people the opportunity to extract wood-fuel to heat their own homes, while also playing an active role in improving woodland biodiversity and resilience. In addition to creating greater access for the community to enjoy these woodlands, working in the woods and felling trees is a fantastic exercise for improving your mental and physical health. We will show you how to work safely and which trees or branches to cut down. You get a good lunch, great exercise, good company and a car-load of wood fuel, all for a small fee.