People projects

Since 2008, we have set up three core ‘people projects’ - Good Wood, Fruitful Woods & the Fruitful Woods Collective - that together provide 75 placements per annum. Together, these projects offer a 3-tier pathway which provides linked & graded stepping stones enabling people who have experienced a period of mental ill-health or with enduring mental health issues, to work towards reduced social isolation, a more active role in society and employment.

In addition we deliver woodland-based mental health projects in partnership or on behalf of a number of other organisations, including Forestry Commission Scotland, Fife Employment Access Trust, Dundee Ranger Service and Perth & Kinross Ranger Service.

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IMGP0078 after photoshopFruitful woods
With an emphasis on working towards employment, the setting is nurturing & supportive, but also deliberately challenging. Placements are 1–3 days per week for up to 12 months and are person-centred and goal directed.
Earthwork9Good wood
Woodland-based placements ½ day per week for up to 30 weeks. Very supported, gentle, focus on engaging, broadening out horizons & confidence building.
From Tree to SpoonFruitful Woods Collective
Fruitful Woods alumni make & sell their own produce as a form of self-employment. Decision-making is in their hands, support is given to negotiate psycho-social & business hurdles.
Branching OutBranching Out
Woodland-based therapeutic activity for people experiencing mental ill-health, delivered on behalf of Forestry Commission Scotland