Re-skilling workshops

“Joy’s soul lies in the doing”

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When was the last time you created something useful and beautiful with your bare hands? When did you last learn a new bird call, build a fire or use a hatchet?

In life’s hustle and bustle, we can easily lose touch with our creative side. By learning to do things for ourselves, we learn about ourselves. By interacting with natural materials and with each other, we learn about our environment – strengthening community and building resilience.

Our re-skilling workshops pass on crafts, skills and knowledge, celebrating the amazing range of stories and experiences people have to share. Why not come, learn and take part in the great re-skilling? Re-skilling is a term that refers to learning new skills, bringing with it a fresh perspective, and also remembering skills that have been lost, sometimes only within a single generation.

Current workshops include:



By passing on specialist skills, we allow you to unlock your creative prowess and create objects that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Our courses see knowledge as a two-way exchange – we aim to both teach and to learn. We all have stories to tell and experiences to share. Through a shared task and purpose, every one of us can come away more fulfilled, competent and confident.


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